cherrryl (cherylc) wrote,

so i know it's been a long time since i've updated, but i found myself sitting at my computer with no one to talk to, and i'm sick of playing snood, so i came here and figured i would update y'all about my summer and such.
everything has been going very well for me. summer has been pretty much laid back and relaxing. i went on vacation pretty much right after school ended, and then came back and started working at camp the next day.
i have been working out every day at the gym (very proud of myself for that) hoping to tone up, and just maintain my healthy-ness. although it has become some what of an obsession, i still eat as much or even more than i usually do. but that's only when i'm not working, and i sleep til noon and snack the entire time i'm not at the gym. i know it's bad, but oh well, it's summer and i can do whatever i want!
i'm definitely enjoying summer as much as possible, because even just thinking about school in the fall stresses me out. i dont even wanna know how hard it's gonna be. but i'll stop thinking about it now, and move on.
my room is all repainted, and i love it. but i started that awhile ago, and i still haven't put my room back together. partly because the whole process was interrupted by my trip up to maine with justin. which was in one word, interesting. i had a really good time with him and his family, they are hilarious, and it was good times all around.
during the summer my life isn't exactly the most interesting thing, but i'm actually content with it at this point. i would like to see more people though, because i have pretty much been hanging out with the same people over and over, so CALL ME! but yes, livin's easy in the summer. i love sleeping in the basement instead of my room, i don't want to go back to my bed :(
anywho, i really don't have all that much more to talk about. i will try to update a little more often. oh yeah just came to my mind, dmb was amazing, and that's been one of the highlights of my summer so far. i wish that i had more to say, and hopefully i will soon, but everyone have a great summer, and tell me if anything good is going on!
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